Bruno Mars and Cardi B Make Magic on Finesse Remix

Overnight, superstar Bruno Mars released the remix to his song “Finesse” from his 24K Magic album with an accompanying video featuring Cardi B. It’s packed with all the nostalgia, 90’s references, and good vibes you need right now.

Paying homage to the popular sketch comedy show In Living Color, the visuals reminds us why the 90’s were indeed all that. Both artists capture the look of the era. Cardi’s crop top, short shorts, big hoops and her hat to the back, gives me complete Mary J “Real Love” flashbacks. Coupled with their energy and her personality, she shines.

Let me say, I loved the Fly Girls reference and choreography as well. Personally, that was one of my favorite parts of the original show. The only thing that would’ve made it better was if JLo had a cameo reprising her role. I’m sure they made her proud anyway.

Feel Good Music. This video brings me back to a time when music was just fun. Not overly sexualized, violent, or dramatic, just fun. Back to the days when we danced at parties and the only phones available were connected to the wall not in our hands. I saw it and immediately thought of the classics like House Party. A touch of BBD’s Poison with a hint of New Jack Swing. Issa vibe for sure. P.S. I’ve watched the video at least five times today(Don’t judge me).

If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor, click here. Is it a hit or a miss? Comment your thoughts below. Til next time, peace.



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