Me vs. Me

Time for a transparent moment.

During my downtime this week, I came across a new video on YouTube. It was a sermon/teaching with the title “You Can’t Stop Me”, by Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you have 50 minutes to spare, take some time and view the entire video here. I sat quietly and listened. God proceeded to blow my mind and wreck my life simultaneously. It was a message intended for this past New Year’s Eve, but it still applied to me. I thought I’d pass the knowledge on. These are some of my takeaways:

1. Response matters

Nobody is exempt from life. We don’t always have control over what takes place, but we can control how we respond. That’s what God is looking at when the inevitable trials, tribulations, and turmoil comes. Do we run, hide and panic? OR, do we remain calm, confident and collected under pressure because we know that God has everything under control? What’s your default when trouble comes?

We’re only 30 something days into the new year, but I know that life has hit my friends and I. Already. As much as I’d like to say I’m that calm, collected person in distress, I’m not. At least, not as much as I should be. Not on the inside anyway. This was a clear sign that I need to work on it. The power is in my response. Cc: Romans 8:31.

2. Me vs. Me

The only person that can stop you from being everything that you’re supposed to be is you. That was a gut check. A hit in the soul. I was convicted.

On one hand, this idea that no person, place, obstacle or external force can stop God’s plan for your life. If you grew up in church, you’ve heard this a million times. We know it back and forth. That’s encouraging.

On the flip side, the notion that it’s not always the devil after you, or your “haters” on Facebook, Instagram, at work, etc, but in fact you that can slow up the process or shut it down. Yes God is in control, but he also gave us free will and the option to choose. We work with him. We are just as responsible for the outcome as He is.

Question. What does your self-talk sound like? Self-talk is the things you tell yourself when nobody’s watching or listening. Is it positive or negative? Are you building yourself up or breaking you down? What we say to ourselves is just as important as what others say to us. These are all the little questions that popped into my head. All of my self talk is not pretty. I stand in my own way sometimes. Now that I’m aware, I can do better. I will do better.

The bottom line is this, God is good. He’s for you no matter what the temporary external called life looks like currently. We just have to remind ourselves who is on our team. Also, in order for 2018 to be your year, commit fully. No more excuses. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed. Don’t talk yourself out of your own destiny.

Be encouraged. I hope this year you discover how unstoppable you really are. Til next time, stay in peace.



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