3 Lessons from Super Bowl LII.

David vs. Goliath. That’s what the Sunday night matchup between Philadelphia and New England felt like. The city was electric as fans young and old, near and far, watched their beloved Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII. For the first time in franchise history, they are champions.

From the start, I was hoping it would be an exciting game. It didn’t disappoint, literally coming down to the wire. The last 20 seconds nearly stopped my heart. Now that I’ve had an opportunity to somewhat process this historic upset, here are a few things I think we can all learn from this Eagles team.

The cover of today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. 

1. The Importance of Vision

I just heard this today and I think it fits perfectly here, “Sight is what you see when your eyes are open. Vision is what you see when your eyes are closed. On numerous occasions this season, the Eagles were doubted. First the question was, how would they do in the regular season? Then the question was, could their magnificent season, hold up in the playoffs? They were unlikely to win all their post-season games. Criticism far and wide.

However, they didn’t doubt themselves. They held on to their vision, what they believed in, even when no one else did. The fans wore underdog masks and t-shirts. They embraced that narrative and wanted to prove everyone wrong. The point is, having a vision matters. Don’t let anyone take yours. Ever.

2. The Power of a Great Team

One of my favorite things about football is that it is truly a team sport. It takes offense and defense. Of course every team has stars, but if the collective doesn’t come together, they won’t win.

I am not an Eagles fan. However, I respect that this team truly works as one unit. Each time the Patriots looked threatening last night, someone stepped up and a play was made. Whether it was a block, sack, a defensive stop, a catch, whatever.

Let’s also not forget head coach Doug Pederson. He seemed fearless against the combination of Brady and Belichick. His gutsy decision to go for it on 4th down, which led to the Foles touchdown, we still can’t wrap our heads around. They came together and produced when it mattered.

The lesson here, we all need people who keep us focused on the big picture. The ones who cheer for us when we win and hold us accountable when we make a mistake. Most importantly, we need people who help us see the light when we can’t find it. No one succeeds in this world on their own. No one. Your tribe, your team, whoever they are, find them and hold on to them.

3. Stay ready. You never know when it’s your time.

When Carson Wentz suffered that season-ending injury in December, many thought that was it. The Eagles’ season was over.

Enter Nick Foles, the back up quarterback. Skeptics wondered if he had it in him. They questioned whether he could and would rise to the occasion. Boy did he.

In his three games this postseason, he was magnificent. This includes going for 352 yards and three touchdowns on 26 of 33 passes in the NFC Championship. Last night he went for 373 yards and three touchdowns. Including a beautifully executed one yard TD pass. The first of his career.

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles with the Lombardi Trophy. (Image: philly.com)

We also can’t forget the rookie kicker, Jake Elliott. His 42-yard field goal in the 4th quarter was the longest by a rookie in the Super Bowl. As if that wasn’t enough, he later nailed another 46-yarder late sealing the deal for his team.

I bet when the season started, no one imagined that would happen. The lesson here is simple. No matter where you start or where you are, keep working hard and stay focused. You never know which moment is yours. It only takes one to change everything. Ask Nick Foles and Jake Elliott.

This Eagles team reminds us that truly anything is possible. Congratulations to the players, the organization, and one of the most dedicated fan-bases on a historic season. This win is well-deserved. Yes Philly! Fly Eagles Fly!



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