Kanye, You Can’t Sit With Us

Nope. Don’t @ me either.

While Floridians are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, while midterm elections are around the corner and shady things are taking place, while Flint Michigan STILL DOES NOT HAVE CLEAN WATER, President Trump decides to have a lunch meeting with Kanye West. What do they discuss? None of those things. However, we do know that Kanye’s MAGA hat makes him feel like Superman.

While the cameras were rolling, both Kanye and 45 put on a show in what seemed like the reality tv format they’ve both become so accustomed to. I’ve summed it up like this, a train-wreck. You know you’re not supposed to be watching, but it’s so unbelievably bad, you can’t stop.

I say all this, not because Mr. West is a Trump enthusiast. Who he supports politically is his business. However, just to see it come to the light in the way that it has over these last few years, is very saddening. On top of the fact that it doesn’t make any natural sense.

Some of us remember that now infamous tv moment in 2005 when Kanye accused former President George W. Bush of being racist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yet, he doesn’t seem to have the same criticism for his buddy Trump thus far. Whose rhetoric has been both divisive and dangerous to the nation since pretty much the beginning. Especially toward people of color.

In fact, when brought up in this meeting, he blamed that comment on a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. Turns out, it was sleep deprivation. Sure. Sure.

Kanye needs help. This can no longer be an empty statement. Mental, physical, emotional, help. This is far beyond “He hasn’t been the same since his mom died.” What I saw yesterday was a man in desperate need. The moment when he spoke about how he could relate to Trump and the “male energy” around his presidential campaign, did it for me.

I came across this quote today by Sirius XM host Clay Cane which I think gives great perspective.

“…..If Kanye were a 41-year-old black man living on the south side of Chicago, he wouldn’t co-sign “Make America Great Again.” His bubble of fame, money, privilege and soaking in the Calabasas air with the Kardashian clan has afforded him the privilege to be proudly ignorant. He is largely immune to Trump’s dangerous policies.

You can read the entire opinion piece here.

Seems like in this case, he can afford to be ignorant because the rules don’t apply to him. We are witnessing the fall of Kanye West. The sad part is he’s actively participating and doesn’t even know it. I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs and realizes the error of his ways for his sake. However until then, you can’t sit with us.


Agree? Disagree? Why or why not? Let’s talk. Comment below.


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