About This Blog

Mission Statement:   To encourage anyone like me, just trying to figure life out, find their place in the world. To create a space for honest conversations and authentic interactions.

On a Personal  Note,

This space is the physical manifestation of  thoughts and conversations I’ve had offline for years. And, like my third attempt at a blog. Lol. About all the struggles of being a 20 something in the “millennial generation.” Conversations about life, in love and relationships, our finances, making career moves, questioning our worth, and interpreting the world at large around us. Which, has a lot going on at the moment. All while simultaneously trying to master this adult thing.  I didn’t consider any of this when I was wishing to be a grownup so badly.  So I’m excited to share this journey with you, my readers. You may be a 20 something, or remember what it’s like to be one. If you’re the latter, advice is appreciated. If you’re in the same boat as me, welcome. Either way, this should be an interesting ride. Enjoy.